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 Al Baker's Classic Magical Ball and Glass Trick   


A classic of magic re-released by Royal Magic. First released by master of magical methodology Al Baker in the 1940's the Ball and Glass trick is back! The magician shows two balls and a clear drinking tumbler. The balls are sitting on top of the tumbler. The spectator is invited to assist places the balls inside the tumbler and covers the arrangement with a silk handkerchief. The magician hasn't performed a single "move" up to this point. The magician asks the spectator to name one of the two balls. Suddenly the chosed ball is extracted from inside the glass by the magician - he pulls it right through the silk handkerchief! The next ball penetrates the silk in an equally startling manner. The trick is a masterpiece of deception. There's virtually no sleight of hand involved. A clever gimmick combined with a well-known principle does most of the work for you. Supplied complete with balls glass the "special something" and Al Baker's original routine. Easily adaptable for both parlor and close-up work. (Silk not included)

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